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Boulder Hot Springs Rejuvenates in 2023

Updated: Dec 31

2023 has been a busy year of improvements at Boulder Hot Springs and we are beaming with renovations and upgrades in and around our historic building. These highly anticipated projects include: refinishing lobby floors, updating the kitchen, staining front entry porch, refinishing lobby floors, updating women's plunge area, laying new room carpets, enhancing the outdoor pool area, exterior building restoration, and beautifying the pond area by the parking lot.


Seventeen bed and breakfast rooms got new carpet early last spring. The fresh look is a beautiful green, New Zealand wool carpet that matches the existing tones.

Check out this time lapse video to watch the process:


Our kitchen was ready for some updates. We installed a new dishwasher to replace our old lady who was due for retirement, installed new sinks, and added new custom-made cabinets in the dishwashing and serving area.

LOBBY: Mid April 

Early spring our lobby floors were refinished and look stunning! The process took a bit of time and the lobby was baron while the floors cured. Our lobby space is now extra welcoming and warm.


Several updates in the women's dressing room occurred in spring. The shower area was updated. Our maintenance staff replaced old rotten wood framing, the shower wall, and the old damaged massage door.

ENTRY PORCH: Early Summer

Our front entry porch was replaced early summer with this red trex material made of mostly recycled material. We chose a color to match our windows and roof.

POOL: Summer

Last summer, the structural integrity of the outdoor pool was improved. The pool work included sandblasting the interior to remove old paint and prevent paint chipping in the future. Our beautiful new rock wall on the west side of the pool was constructed of locally collected stones and sandstone allowing a new lounge space for guests located above the rock wall.

The new pool fence includes a gate design inspired by the building’s features.


A beautiful split rail fence now follows along the pond. This new area now provides space to walk and welcomes guests to enjoy the views. Come sit and enjoy the splendor of Peace Valley.

BUILDING REPAIRS: Summer & Ongoing

Soffits and fascia around the building have been repaired and rebuilt and new gutters have been added to protect the building from water damage. We have also regraded areas around the building and repaired storm drains to help water flow away from the building and even be used to water some beautiful, landscaped areas instead. The four balconies on the front of the building have been completely restored and are awaiting their new stucco finish in the spring. We are also looking to insulate the attics to avoid extreme heat and cold inside the building, especially on the third floors. We will start with the insulation this winter.


We restored thirteen old windows that had never been replaced to insulate them better and repair any frame damages while keeping their historic style. These windows were installed and painted throughout the year. Some final touches will be completed in the new year.

SIDEWALK: Fall & Winter

Just in time for winter, we completed our new sidewalk!  We hope you enjoy the new walkway to the outdoor hot springs pool. 

These projects have been a long time coming, and Boulder Hot Springs appreciates the patience of the guests, patrons and community. We have also completed numerous other small projects throughout the year. Thank you for bearing with the construction process. The board and staff look forward to continuing to serve the people of Boulder and the surrounding areas. For more information on our mission and philosophy, go to or call (406) 225-3349.

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