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Work at Boulder Hot Springs!


Boulder Hot Springs is nestled within Peace Valley in beautiful southwestern Montana.  The hot springs are located approximately 3.4 miles outside Boulder.  


Boulder is a small Montana town with close vicinity to Helena; Montana’s state capital, and Butte, America; a mining town with rich history. The Boulder River weaves through town which is surrounded by the Elkhorn Mountains, Lewis Range, Idaho-Bitteroot Rocky Mountains and Tobacco Root Mountains.  Amenities of the area include hiking, fishing, hunting, radon mines, a public library and scenic views.  


Boulder Hot Springs is a Green business and dedicated to this philosophy.  We aim to align hot spring philosophy in our work culture.  Our hotel and springs are proudly a smoke free, alcohol free facility.


Currently, we are seeking a cook with availability to work weekends.

Pay depends on experience.

Stop by to pick up an application at

31 Hot Springs Road or email a resume to

KAD outdoor POOL BHS.jpg


One of the many benefits of

Boulder Hot Springs employment

includes free use of pools for

employees and family members in their immediate household.

KAD outdoor POOL BHS.jpg
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