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  • What food options do you have available?
    We offer breakfast for all our overnight guests. We also offer all-meal food services for groups and retreats that book our spaces. We can also always offer other meals for overnight guests if there are at least 10 people in your party that would join the meal. On special holidays we offer special buffets for the general public which we announce ahead of time. Check our events page or call us to find out when the next one is scheduled! Other than that you can purchase numerous snacks and beverages at our front desk or drive into the nearest town Boulder (3 miles) for more food options.
  • What is your policy about bringing pets?
    We do not allow pets in our facility. If you have a service animal, please read our policy below Service Animal Policy Fully Trained Service Dogs are allowed. We do not allow service dogs in training or family pets. Service dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed and do not cause harm, disruption, or discomfort to people, places, or objects on our property. If any harm or damage is done by a service dogs, we ask you to remove your dog from the property. You are welcome to stay. If there is any harm or damage to persons or property by your service dog, you will be charged for the damage. If you are a service dog owner, you are required to clean up after your dog and have your dog under control in public spaces. No play with other dogs while in service. Service dogs are not required to be labeled or vested with appropriate patches of service and if you do have a service dog that is appropriately vested it makes our job easier and we would appreciate it.
  • What are your pool opening hours?
    Our pools are open for day use from 10am to 8pm everyday.
  • Do you allow overnight camping?
    We are not a licensed camping facility so unfortunately we cannot accommodate public overnight camping. Participants in a group retreat, conference or workshop are allowed to camp in tents or vehicles for $30/night/person (this includes use of our pools).
  • Do you allow any open flames in your building?
    We are stewarding an over 130-year-old wood-frame building so any open flames (i.e. candles, incense, smudging, smoking) are a fire danger and are strictly prohibited. We also do not allow any cooking (i.e. hot plates, crockpots, etc.) in any of our B&B and guest rooms.
  • What is your policy on alcohol and smoking?
    Since we specialize in healthy, healing, active living and luxury at an affordable price, we choose to be an alcohol, drug and smoke-free environment. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed on the premises. Smoking is allowed as long as it is at least 20 feet away from the building to avoid any fire danger and to protect all of our guests.

Refund Policy

Overnight Stays

We require 48 hours notice for cancellations of regular overnight stays. Otherwise guests will be charged for their full room costs.

Group Stays

We require seven days notice for group participants, otherwise guests will be charged for their room and food costs.

Please note, this is only for group participants. Our cancellation policy for group organizers varies, please get in touch with us for more information.

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