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Spa & Springs

The natural geothermal pool, mineral baths, and steam rooms are an important part of the spa facilities at Boulder Hot Springs Inn, Spa, and Retreat Center. In addition, we offer massages, healthy outdoor exercise, nutritious food to meet individual needs, and a natural environment of healing. 


$10 Adults

$8 Seniors (60+)

$5 Children

10-Pass for the price of 9

*Price includes Day-Use of all pool and spa facilities. Showers are required before entering all facilities. 

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Outdoor Pool

The cool crisp evenings in Montana and the contrast of falling snow and hot mineral water make the outdoor pool a popular and fun-filled place to hang out, do your laps, have a romantic evening, or just have fun with the family. The pool has a graduated depth with a floating line dividing the shallower from the deeper end. The deck surrounding the pool has chairs and tables for relaxing. A heated sidewalk connects the pool and the bath house.

  • The swimming pool uses the geothermal mineral water from our springs cooled by our natural well water.

  • The water temperature is maintained at approximately 96-100°F.  Please note that weather conditions (wind, snow, etc.) and other factors may affect this temperature.

  • We use no harsh chlorine in our swimming pool and, instead, add a less harmful agent of bromine to keep the pool pure and fresh.

  • There is no lifeguard and children under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • The pool is handicap-accessible with assistance.

  • A pass to the pool also includes the use of the dressing room and the inside plunges and steam rooms.

Indoor Steam Rooms
& Plunges

The hot geothermal mineral water is piped into our indoor plunges where it is mixed with natural cool water and maintained at a temperature of between 103-106°F.

  • The women’s plunge has a hot pool maintained between 103-106°F and a cool pool which is usually under 70°F.

  • The co-ed side has a hot pool maintained at 103-106°F and no cold pool.

Both hot pools are “continuous flow”, completely changing the water in the plunges every four hours. In addition, the plunges are cleaned nearly every night. You will find our plunges to be some of the cleanest and most natural (no harsh chemicals added!) you will ever experience. Both co-ed and women's sides of the bath house have dressing rooms, toilets, places to rest, and steam rooms. The steam rooms are heated by natural mineral geothermal water running through perforated pipes, so the steam baths are natural mineral steam which is very healing and healthy.

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Spa Services

  • Massages: We have a number of massage practioners with a wide variety of approaches. We can help you decide which style you need. 

  • Meals: Our kitchen staff will work with you to see that your nutritional needs are met.

  • We can help you plan walks and adventures in nature.

  • We work with the local Health Mines to plan your visits to the caves, come “home”, and soak and then have a healing massage.

  • We occasionally host Native American Medicine People who offer sweat lodges and Indian medicine. 

Reservations for massage are made at the front desk and need to be made in advance. Schedule your session: (406) 225-4339

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Our Spring Story

The natural springs of our valley are known for their relaxing and healing qualities. This place was named Peace Valley by the First People of this land because they believed that all people should be able to come here to heal in the hot mineral waters. The spring waters are now known to help relieve various aches and pains, including sore muscles and arthritis. They are also known to improve circulation and skin health.


Natural Minerals in our water include:

Sodium (106 mg/L): Can help with blood circulation, muscle contraction, and maintaining bodily fluid balance.

Bicarbonate (123 mg/L): Supports good circulation and bowel and kidney function. Can improve physical performance abilities.

Chloride (18 mg/L): Supports the balance of fluids and nutrients; improves digestion and stomach acidity; stimulates oxygen flow.

Potassium (4.9 mg/L): Regulates heart rhythm and blood pressure; reduces muscle cramps; promotes skin health.

Calcium (2.4 mg/L): Strengthens bones; supports regulation of internal organ systems; can help prevent osteoperosis, cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Lithium (0.20 mg/L): Relieves stress and anxiety; can help with depression and other mental issues; promotes general brain health and helps prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

Magnesium (0.1mg/L): Reduces cramping and muscular inflammation; supports muscle strength and energy production; promotes skin health.

Silica (49.7 mg/L): Supports a healthy heart and bones; promotes healthy skin and hair.

Sulfate (73.9 mg/L): Relieves allergies and pain; promotes healthy skin and hair.

Trace Minerals

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