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Boulder Hot Springs Receives Eco-Star Award for Environmental Efforts

Boulder Hot Springs is known to many as a space for healing and restoration in Peace Valley. Guests come to relax, reset and retreat in the historic hotel and hot springs. It is a place to get centered and find peace.

In order to achieve wellness in a space, the location must have a balanced and healthy ecosystem. At Boulder Hot Springs, our mission is to heal the land, building and people. We diligently strive to attain this goal as a “Green Hotel,” which means we have a multitude of environmental stewardship efforts in place, including a geothermal heating system for the building, a geothermal greenhouse and chicken coop and use of non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners. We try to serve local organic foods and even grow some produce ourselves. We also actively reduce, reuse and recycle, just to give a few examples.

This fall, Boulder Hot Springs received the prestigious Eco-Star Award which recognizes Montana businesses’ pollution prevention efforts. The Hot Springs has won this award numerous years in a row. Ways we actively participate in pollution prevention efforts include: using the geothermal water from our hot springs to heat our entire building, then using the same water to heat the greenhouse and chicken coop. In addition, the use of non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners as well as use of alternative and natural mosquito control methods reduced hazardous waste by 2,000 pounds. Sourcing local and organic food, growing our own produce and carpooling saved greenhouse emissions by 4.5 MT CO2e. Recycling newspaper, magazines, office paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass and plastic waste reduced 9,000 pounds of waste.

A couple ways guests can be part of this effort is to utilize our recycling set-up while patronizing our space and carpool to enjoy our amenities. We aspire through our efforts to motivate guests, staff, and other businesses to also participate in healing and restoring the land.

Boulder Hot Springs is proud to be a “Green Hotel” and we aim to be more self-sustaining and environmentally friendly to best serve our guests and community. We are passionate about protecting the integrity of the environment and model our business after this philosophy.

The Eco-Star Award program is part of the Montana State University’s Montana Pollution Prevention Program established in 2001. We want to thank and congratulate the five other businesses who received an Eco-Star award: Cool Earth Creamery, Mackenzie River Pizza, Simms Fishing, Eco Montana and Bridger Bowl.

Geothermal system utilized in our greenhouse.

Mineral hot spring plunges are maintained at 103-106°F.

Chickens are happy to have a geothermal chicken coop.

Recycling bins are conveniently located in our historic hotel for guests.

Boulder Hot Springs located in the serene Peace Valley in Boulder, Montana.

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