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We have the following vacations already designed and ready to put in your hands when you walk through the door.

If none of these suits you, then give us a week's advance notice of what your special wants and needs are for your Self-Directed Day Trip vacation. We will have an especially designed vacation for you when you arrive. You may want to combine some aspects of the vacations already set up or design a completely different series of day trips. We will work with you.
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The Antiquing Vacation
The Wild West Vacation
The Native American Vacation
The Photography Vacation
The Health & Healing Vacation
The History Vacation
The Hiking Vacation
The Fishing Vacation
The Wildlife Vacation
The Art Vacation
The Ghost Vacation

The Ghost Vacation

This area of Montana is rich in ghostly lore. If you are interested in and fascinated with ghosts, we have many possibilities for you to explore the ghosts of the past in and near Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa. First, be sure to reserve our Simone Suite which is decorated in honor of one of our "resident ghosts" who was a "lady of the night" at BHS Inn and Spa.

Learn Simone's story and how she was very much in residence in and protective of the old place when the present owners first bought it (and still is - some attest!).

Take day trips to well-known ghost haunts in Butte and nearby places, especially Elkhorn Ghost Town.

Visit the sacred Buffalo jump and let the spirits of that place seep into your bones. Learn about the famous ghosts in nearby towns.Meditate on the land behind the Inn and Spa where the Indians camped and ceremonies were held and open yourself to hear the voices of the past.

Then, return "home", have a soak and read the stories of ghost tales in your room while waiting to see if Simone chooses to pay a visit.

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