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We want to inform our loyal friends and supporters of Boulder Hot Springs that beginning on October 16, 2005, we discontinued the Saturday night and Sunday noon buffets. Over the past year we have made an effort to serve more innovative and delicious food at our Saturday and Sunday buffets. In many ways we feel we have been successful and we have had wonderful responses from many of you and we appreciate your feedback and your loyalty. We also realize that in spite of our best efforts our meals have not been as consistently wonderful as we would have liked.

We have had difficulty finding creative and reliable staff for the kitchen in order to provide the level of food for the buffets that we want to provide and that we feel you deserve. Our philosophy is to provide wholesome, healthy and delicious cuisine. Therefore, we have been forced to terminate our buffet dinners until we are able to find adequate kitchen staff.

We will notify you when we will start our buffets once again.

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